Home Improvement/ Extension Loans

Home Improvement/ Extension Loans

Looking to build an additional floor in existing property or planning to furnish your old home , now a renovation or repair and maintenance of your home in order to uplift your quality of life is easy. Add up a floor to your home, or a new room to your existing residential unit with NHHFDL Home Renovation/ Improvement Loans to make your life convenient and peaceful.


  • Repair and maintenance of your existing property
  • Extending your existing residential unit
  • Adding a floor or a new room to your existing property
  • Age

  • The applicant/co applicant should has minimum 21 years and maximum 70 years of age
  • Tenure

  • Home loan is flexible as per customer requirement. Home loans ranging from tenure 5-25 years are available.
  • Rate of Interest

  • We provide floating rate of interest which is determined as per market conditions and it is linked to our BPLR – Benchmark Prime Lending Rate.
  • Home Loan eligibility

    Minimum loan amount which can be availed from NHHFDL is Rs 1 Lakh and above. We provide funding upto 80% of Market value. Any salaried or self employed professional/non professional is eligible for home loan from NHHFDL. However Home loan amount is calculated by taking various factors as :-

    1. Age
    2. Income
    3. Profile
    4. Saving Habit
    5. Expenses
    6. Repayment Track record

    Benefits of availing Home Loan from NHHFDL

    1. Funding available across major part of properties under Delhi/NCR
    2. Personalized and Hassle free customer service
    3. Easy Documentation
    4. Transparent Processes
    5. Attractive Rates of Interest
    6. Fast and efficient loan processing